IT Training

We provide 3 types of training, which is based on the computer:

The computer itself Going on to the internet

  • Using Microsoft Word / Open Office


  • In computing we help you to get to know the layout of your computer
  • Help you to process the layout of the keyboard, mouse and desktop
  • Help you to scroll up and down on documents or the internet, to see the full information available.
  • Help to save a document in a certain folder and then be able to find that document
  • Look at your ‘user account’ and be able to add passwords or to create another account to your computer


  • We help you to get on to the internet and the different types of web address available
  • To look and see how the search engines work (such as Google) and the different areas of Google
  • To be able to favourite / bookmark a page so that it will be saved within the computer
  • Getting on to your emails / creating an email account and using the different areas
  • To be able to show you how to book online, from trains to coaches
  • To find out different types of information on certain popular websites, such as the BBC website

Microsoft / Open Office

There are 3 main areas within the program that are the most important:

  • Microsoft ------- Open Office
  • Word -------------Text
  • Powerpoint ------ Presentation
  • Excel ------------ Spreadsheet

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